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Gerard Butler Children Foundation keeps children safe from harms like poverty, abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence. We are transforming the way emergency care is delivered, putting a world-class team of health professionals to work for children anywhere in the world within 72 hours.

You can change an orphan’s

life forever with sponsorship.

Our $7.5 million campaign is designed to empower international leaders to intervene on behalf of the 8 million orphans living in institutions around the world. Through this historic campaign, we’re working to advocates for millions of orphans and ensure thousands of children receive holistic care and a path to independence and family.

As the global leader in child-focused humanitarian response, Gerard Butler Children Foundation has created more safe spaces in and around the world for children in emergencies than any other humanitarian organization. When a disaster strikes, these safe spaces can provide children with protected environments in which they participate in organized activities to play, socialize, learn, and express themselves as they rebuild their lives.

Gerard Butler Children Foundation is on the ground every day protecting children from harm, including abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence, while promoting a safe family environment for every child. Whether coping with the devastation of a disaster or facing long-term impacts of growing up in poverty, Gerard Butler Children Foundation’s social and emotional development programs help kids cope and build resiliency.

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Every year, Gerard Butler Foundation relies on the passion and expertise of hundreds of volunteers to help drive forward our vision of a more equitable world.

Gerard Butler Foundation volunteers are representative of our communities. We are always looking for more volunteers with diverse lived experiences, like people living in rural areas, people of color, and trans and gender diverse folks.

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