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Movement Therapy

The Center is excited to announce the start of our constraint induced movement therapy program or CIMT.

The program is an intense therapy program for children who have difficulty using one of their arms usually as the result of a stroke, cerebral palsy or brachial plexus injury.

Rehabilitation Techniques

Designed to reduce functional problems

The CIMT program consists of three weeks of intensive outpatient occupational therapy services - five days per week, three hours per day - at Gerard Butler Children Foundation.

The child's non-affected upper extremity is placed in a cast, and he or she is expected to perform all self-care tasks and fine-motor tasks using the affected upper extremity during the program. A consistent family member/caregiver is expected to attend the program with the child.

CIMT has four goals:

  • To facilitate more spontaneous use of the affected upper extremity
  • To improve quality of movement of the affected upper extremity
  • To increase overall functional use of the affected upper extremity
  • To improve quality of life skills

Three groups of pediatric patients may benefit from CIMT:

  • Children with a clinical presentation of upper extremity hemiplegia who can initiate and move that upper extremity
  • Children who are able to follow directions and work in intensive therapy
  • Children whose parents/caregivers are able to dedicate time to the program